Rhiannon Brown..... Manager

        exp 7 years

David Renfroe

  exp 6 years

Our History

We've been serving the greater Gainesville area for over 6 years and plan to continue to provide the area's best livery service for years to come!

Our taxi cab service drivers will get you there on time!

Ride With Us!

We have clean, safe vehicles that are driven by class 'C' licensed and insured drivers who will use the best route to get you to where you need to go in a timely and affordable manner.             

Our Goal

Our goal is to get you where you need to go when you need to be there with great customer service and clean, safe vehicles.

Call Murphy's Taxi in Gainesville @ 

​352-301-2096 to make your reservation.

We know you have a busy life with people to meet and places to go and we will get you there on time!  You will never have to worry about missing that flight --- that is our guarantee!

Call Us to Make a Reservation

Whether you're going to the mall, the Gainesville airport, or to Miami, call 352-301-2096 so we can get you there!       

Our Drivers

Murphy's Taxi in Gainesville's Vision

Henry Linares

  exp 4 years

Craig Murphy - Owner/Driver

      Years of experience: 12


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Josh Vernon

                8 years

                   Javier Prat

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